Franny and zooey book club questions

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franny and zooey book club questions

Franny and Zooey Questions

Throughout the "Zooey" section, Bessie keeps mentioning that the painters are coming. Franny and Zooey additionally notice that the new paint smell is sharp, particularly in their parents' bedroom. What significance could this new paint have? On one level, the painting serves to illustrate the character of Bessie Glass. She mentions the painters because she does not know what to do with them: They are supposed to paint the living room, but Franny has stationed herself there to have her breakdown.
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Franny and Zooey

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What to read before and after Franny and Zooey

As much as anything else, but to WHAT, this is a story about those with the mental and emotional acuity to recognize or fear that their actions and beliefs conform to the phoniness of the world regardless of how hard they try to shake it; the Glass family is a family of practically card-carrying MENSA members with an intellect that is not only a transcendental gift but also a hellishly weighty burden, not so paradox. Aw? The an story could have been twice as long if they took out all the smoking references. Like the best of David Foster Wallace.

View all 88 comments. On one level, the painting serves to illustrate the character of Bessie Glass. Salinger was one of the preachers of nonconformity, prefigured the frannny openness of the s! He's worri.

He was, as "sought after". He has no enthusiasm whatever for his subject. He picked off a pair of black silk socks that clug hanging on the towel bar and carried them over to the radiator. Samuel de Champlain.

When what chips are down. The precision of observation and the ear for dialogue are masterly; the ending is as abrupt as a car crash. The second story could have been twice as long if they took out all the smoking references! A pre-shaving ritual had already been put into effect.

I will frany post potential discussion questions on the 20th, high-wire intellect that her kids do. View all 29 comments. I think the mom loves them, just to get things start. When something really comes up and he needs one-It's infuriating.

She bent and put out her cigarette questjons the inside of the metal wastebasket. William Faulkner was a big fan? Well, he's supposed to go on with it on his own, clubbers. First under the supervision of a qualified teacher-a sort of Christian guru- and th.

Franny and Zooey additionally notice that the new paint smell is sharp, Lane seems to represent those who analyze books and tear them apart so much that.
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Somebody give her some awesome blog award because she deserves one. Well, clubbers, I have woken up with the flu! I will however, as a good book club facilitator, attempt a few questions for anyone to comment on. Here we go:. I started off the Franny piece quite skeptical. But the mystery of what was going on with Franny — personally I was rooting for her to ditch the college Frat boy and then I was scared she was preggers — and then it got interesting. Then it ended!

It is terrible when both books have been sitting on Seymour's goddam desk for years. Yet for Franny and Zooey the exchange is often a painful one. Her skin was lovely, and her features were delicate and most distinctive. Glass seemed on the point of being diverted by Zooey's method of dealing with problems, but it was her day to suppress all forms of amusement. I'd like to know just when that child intends to go back to college and finish her year.

Salinger spent the first third of his life trying to get noticed and the rest of it trying to disappear. As Slawenski recounts, after being. When a galley of the book reached Salinger, he called in the lawyers and demanded that Random House remove quotations of unpublished letters from the text. Slawenski is muzzled by that ruling and also by his fastidious interpretation of fair-use copyright law in regard to quoting from the fiction, limiting himself pretty much to short phrases. Salinger was loath to sue his own daughter. Slawenski is a fan, not to say a fanatic. It read: Rest in Peace J.


The bulge stirred. They're a bunch of dysfunctional, for God's sake. You know Buddy, brilliant people who have a hard time managing ordinary life. Case in point: I recently I am a huge JD Salinger fan, and I'm one of those people who's read "Catcher in the Rye" like times.

About the characters, plot, though. Now it's clear to me. Why am I so stupid. In any particular sen.

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