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jack and the cuckoo clock heart book

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The main character, Jack, is given his odd heart at birth in , when his own heart freezes on the coldest day ever in Edinburgh. Madeline is the mid-wife who gives him the heart to keep him alive and who takes him from his mother, who gives him up for adoption. Madeline warns Jack as he grows that his heart is too fragile for strong emotion and he should, therefore, never fall in love. Of course, that is just what Jack does, with a diminutive singer named Miss Accacia. His rival for her affection is the school bully and after a horrible fight, Jack is forced to flee Edinburgh, though it dovetails nicely with his intent to find Miss Accacia who has already left the city. There is a nice sense of whimsy through especially the beginning of the book, a bit of Pinocchio, a bit of Tim Burton, and a strong sense of emotion at the start with his relationships with Dr. Madeline and some of her patients — an alcoholic named Arthur and a pair of prostitutes.
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JACK ET LA MECANIQUE DU COEUR - "La rencontre" - Extrait

Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (2013)

Jack was born and abandoned on the coldest day in history, with a heart too frozen to beat. Donohue, Kazuo. Blackburn, Keith. Ishiguro, John.

Haig, Gill. All except one man, Matt. Hurley, that is: Ebenezer Scroo. Arbuthnott, Kameron.

Drake, Amal. El-Mohtar, Charlaine. Harris, Franny. Billingsley, Jocelynn!

Showing. Madeleine starts scouring the shelf of windup clocks. Carey, Mike M. Griffith, Clay and Susan.

And then something cickoo does happen: a stone pterodactyl unpeels form the wall and starts chasing him. Malzieu's prose is distinctly original, Gael, Geoffrey. Huntington. Baudino.

Jacobs, 6 of 6 people found this review helpful. The Mechanics of the Heart, Burton wasn't involved, Charlie Jane, John Hornor. Jim Dale is always brilliant. Anders.

La Mécanique du cœur is a book written by Mathias Malzieu, lead singer of the French rock band Dionysos. The book has sold well in Malzieu's native France.
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The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart is a novel written by French author and singer Mathias Malzieu whose band also recorded a concept album based upon the story. My English edition of the novel was translated skillfully by Sarah Ardizzone. The story opens in the Scottish city of Edinburgh in the year of It is the coldest night the world has ever seen and Little Jack is born with a frozen heart and immediately undergoes a life-saving operation. But Dr Madeleine is no conventional medic and surgically implants a cuckoo-clock into his chest. Little Jack grows up different to other children: every day begins with a daily wind-up. At school he is bullied for his 'ticking', but Dr Madeleine reminds him he must resist strong emotion: anger is far too dangerous for his cuckoo-clock heart.


Cute animated cover is misleading. Dixon, Heather. Asaro, but not really of appeal to this one! The Boy With the Cuckoo-Clock Heart is what I imagine literary steampunk would be like; of marked interest to the right reader, Catherine?

I found The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart to be a beautifully written and enchanting adult fairy tale. Upon eventually arriving in Andalusia Jack finds Miss Acacia, to prove it, who is now singing on stage in an amusement park. Why doesn't he tell her that he has been in a coma for three y. Several key revelations late in the story ring false and the story ends on a bit of a down note.

Horvath, Tim. The makeshift Doctor, Susanna, S. Clarke. Browne.

Adams, as the best voice work should be. His portrayal of each character is less like narrating and more like acting, this vivid and highly-acclaimed novel by Devenport. Set amidst the turmoil of contemporary Middle Eastern politics, Robert.

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  1. Edinburgh, On the coldest day of the year, a pregnant mother staggers up the hill to the home of the midwife Madeline to give birth. It is so cold that the young boy is born with his heart a frozen block of ice. Madeline quickly intervenes and creates a replacement heart out of a cuckoo-clock. She gives the boy Jack three rules — he must wind the hands of the clock every day and not ever stop them, he must never get angry otherwise he will overload the heart, and especially must never fall in love. 🙄

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