Printing 12x12 digital scrapbook pages

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printing 12x12 digital scrapbook pages

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Printing a scrapbook album used to be a no brainer for me. I used Shutterfly and always got great results. But now Shutterfly has made some changes that have left me scratching my head. Digital scrapbookers used to have an option to select a photo book that was not pre-designed. Every page was a full page bleed, meaning you could upload one jpeg file, and it would cover the entire page. In this digital scrapbook friendly system, the cover and the title page worked flawlessly. In short, the main thing you had to worry about was turning off Vivid Pics for each page, or the system would automatically color adjust your pages.
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12x12 Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Traci Reed

Our 12x12" printed scrapbook pages are offered in 3 different paper types PrestoPhotonis my go to for printing digital scrapbook pages I know will look great!”.

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If those free supplies end up not getting put into layouts, I'm only out a few minutes of my time. And they are still a good company. I couldn't be more pleased. Your site was referred to me by a friend and because of that, I will definitely order again.

Where do I go to turn printin VividPics. I had not printed my pages because most places charge too much so when I saw your special I decided to try it. Scrapbooking Poll What is your favorite thing to scrapbook. Your 8x8's were perfect.

This company provides consistent quality at a low price, I've ordered repeatedly and will continue to do so. I am always delighted when I receive an order from you. Wendy in Oklahoma. Has anyone found a site?

Will use you for my prints from here on out. Martin February 6, and offer a variety of different styles. I am satisfied completely. It is a nice sized store, Reply.

Then the program gives you the option to adjust the look of each layout by adding, they are a software company, removing. I am very happy with all my pages i have order from you guys! Shutterfly does NOT print in house. Click here for Canon printer information.

I am always pleased with my prints. I was absolutely thrilled with my prints. Oh, Scrapbooi might mention the price is higher too but you really get what you pay for. My problem with Shutterfly was the cumbersome process just to upload single pages to be printed, since this is what I do most of the time-create pages that will be added to traditional scrapbook albums.

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People use the computer as a scrapbooking tool, to great effect. A wide format printer-scanner, the other major component, is not something one finds in every home. Before investing in one, weigh the pros and cons and then consider some recommended options. Large format printers appeal to both digital and traditional paper scrapbookers. Digital scrapbookers use these tools to print entire pages for their albums, while paper scrapbookers use them to print photos, journaling, and computer-generated accents for their layouts. Printers that also have scanning abilities are great for preparing memorabilia to add to a layout or for quickly converting a batch of old prints into an easy-to-use digital form. Using a large format printer for scrapbooking has both advantages and disadvantages.


They have removed the full bleed page option for all photo book title pages the first right hand page in the book and have informed us that they have no plans to reinstate it. The print quality is clear and sharp and the paper quality is great. I would like to see SF offer a blank fully customizable book for digital scrapbookers. Sally in Portland, Oregon,?

Thank you for such promptness and the sale price that allowed me on a strict income to produce a copy of my creations. I so agree about Shutterfly. Planner addict art, printinv that part of the site is a nice addition to my free stash since a lot of planner art works on pag. I always receive an excellent product from SBP.

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  1. What are they thinking. The quality of the pictures was great!!!. Paula - Washington State. Previous Post.

  2. I keep them all on the bookshelves in our family room, arranged separately for each child. I'm having so much fun with prknting. I couldn't be more pleased. The first one I got was free and I have loved them ever since.

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